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Ice Cream or Gelato ?

The Italian word “Gelato” directly translates as “Ice-cream” into English, but that’s as close as it really gets. Unknowingly, we are led to believe that one and the other are both the same thing, when in fact this could not be further from the truth.

Gelato and dairy Ice Creams certainly combine the same ingredients, Milk, Cream, Sugar and both are frozen desserts destined for a cone, but that’s where the similarities end.

Although incorporating the same ingredients the ratio's are totally different. Gelato uses a much higher percentage of fresh milk than cream with a lot less sugar than ice cream, also, Ice Cream makers deliberately incorporate lots of air into their products, as much as 150% so more than doubling the volume and changing the texture. Ultimately giving you less product per serving, so, in truth, Gelato is a much denser, creamier product that is far superior both in taste, texture and value for money.

Every batch made from scratch

As a true artisan Gelato parlour we try to use only natural ingredients that are found in nature, nothing artificial, no industrial flavours or colours and nothing man-made.

Each ingredient in our Gelato contributes to its overall nutritional value and fuller flavour, just putting the word "Gelato" on a product does not give it pedigree, it should live up to the following standards to be truly authentic Gelato:

  • It should be made fresh from scratch
  • Pasteurisation of the milk and cream onsite
  • It should use only the best ingredients
  • It should be a very smooth texture
  • It is warmer in the mouth and not icy
  • It will be full of flavour and true to taste

You know that saying, "if you don’t put it in, you won’t get it out" All our Gelato is hand made in small batches so we maintain maximum flavour and freshness. You will know when you taste it that it's made with real passion and love.

No Compromise Approach

Our Gelato contains high percentages of real ingredients and fresh seasonal fruits, like mango, strawberries, raspberries, bananas, lemons, and other items like hazelnut, coffee, coconut, and belgian chocolate. These items are simply added to the milk and cream and churned until frozen. We never use synthetic flavours or colours from a bottle that’s why we constantly get asked “why our Gelato tastes so great” it not rocket science, fresh ingredient‘s in, amazing tasty Gelato out.

  • High fresh fruit content means less refined sugars
  • All fresh ingredients sourced with 10 to 20 mile radius
  • Reduced fat recipes
  • Dairy Gelato less than 8% Fat
  • Dairy Free Gelato 0% Fat

Award Winning Gelato 

Since opening in March 2018 there has only ever been one goal, to produce the best Gelato we can.


This ethos has given us a solid foundation throughout the business in everything we do. Our focus and goals are simple, how can we make things better and constantly improve what we do? We have steadily built up a loyal following in Louth and quite a few of our customers were telling us we should be entering our products into local shows and competitions.


So, In June 2019 we decided to enter our first ever competition in London as the Gelato Festival Europe was in town. The Gelato Festival is the biggest stage for Gelato Worldwide. The Gelato Festival tours the globe inviting local chefs to take part in their regional competition. We decided to enter as we thought it would be a great opportunity and perhaps a once in a lifetime event to represent Louth on the biggest gelato stage in the UK . So, we sent in our paperwork and were lucky enough to be one of the 16 chefs selected out of 65 applications in the UK. We then had to decide on the flavour we were going to produce for the festival, we decided that our Fresh Lemon, Garden Mint with a Zesty Lime Drizzle was the one we should showcase as it gets rave reviews in our shop.


Well the rest is history as they say as we managed to scoop the first place in London and steal the show. As you can imagine this was just the biggest achievement possible and gave us an instant world ranking on the global stage of Gelato. It also gave us a place into the World Masters commonly known as the Gelato World Cup, but we did not stop there, we have since gone on to win multiple awards for a range of different flavours across the board.


It does not matter how you take your Gelato, in a tub or on a fresh waffle cone, we are confident that we will excite your taste buds with the full spectrum of flavour and leave you wanting to come back for more.


We produce hundreds of different flavour combinations but limit this to only twelve options at a time in the display cabinet. The twelve are made up of varieties of full dairy and dairy free (Vegan). We then rotate these varieties so that one visit is never the same as the last, and as we use fresh ingredients seasonal natural variation plays a big part in our choice of flavours on offer at any one time.

Our Passion Gives Coffee Perfection

We don’t just serve quality Gelato we also produce great tasting coffee. This is our own enhanced blend of hand roasted coffee beans; our unique blend of roasted coffee gives a deep rich flavour that’s not bitter in aftertaste giving a great smooth drink. As we only grind the coffee on a cup by cup basis you can also be assured that every drink will be as good as the last one and absolute perfection.

Irresistible Handmade Cheesecakes

We have created a new local phenonium in Louth, it is called “Cheesecake Friday” we realised that local shops and banks were coming every Friday for an end of week pick me up before they started the weekend, our cheesecakes were just what they needed. So, if you are looking for a special slice of something, you must try our delicious Cheesecakes where we constantly develop new and unique creations for you to enjoy.


One of our in house favourites is the New York Style Baked Cheesecake, done properly with a sponge base this one is just to die for.


Others include a mouth-watering lemon that is so zesty it can make your toes curl, and some of our novelty flavours like Kinder Bueno and Battenburg just to name a couple. Full cheesecakes can also be ordered so everyone can have a slice.


All our cheesecakes are homemade, never frozen, and fresh daily. It’s well worth a visit to see what we have in the chiller as these are all homemade family recipes, never frozen and among the best confections in town..

Now You Can Buy Online

Our delivery service is now suspended for the Summer season and will resume in the autumn.

We offer a delivery service in and around Louth. This will only be on a Friday and Saturday early evening 5pm to 8pm. Orders must be placed via the online site, you can place your order any time during the week but the delivery won’t go until the delivery window opens on Friday or Saturday. We will also accept orders for other areas and ring you to arrange delivery. The out of area deliveries will not be done on normal delivery days but as agreed when we ring you. For full details and to look at the delivery menu click the link below to move to our online site.

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